Water Heroes: A Game for Change is a video game by Classplash that helps the people of Ecuador, who are fighting for drinking water in the increasingly oil polluted Amazon. Our wish was to develop a game that is meaningful but also fun, involving and awesome!

By purchasing the game, every player is supporting the ClearWater project and saving lives! That's right! 50% of the game's revenue will be donated directly to project ClearWater, bringing clean water to the Ecuadorians. See more on this on the ClearWater Project section.

So, what is Water Heroes?

Water Heroes is a puzzle game about... water!

The game is played on a grid of cute, water-related pieces. Your job is to drag these pieces over each other and create physical and chemical reactions, with the main objective of gathering water while scoring as many points as possible!

Gathering water can be done in many ways! You can drag your mouse/finger over a piece of Oxygen and two pieces of Hydrogen, in any order, to create a piece of Water (because its composition is H2O! Duh!). This can also be achieved by dragging Heat over Ice or Cold over Steam.

These are just a few examples of how you can associate pieces. Many more reactions will be in the game, exploring subjects like the water cycle and pollution.

Tons of different pieces! Water, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Heat, Cold, Ice, Vapor, Polluted Water, Plants, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and more surprises!

Lots of piece interactions! Heat and Cold explosions! Blocker pieces! Grid shuffles! Oil propagation... (brrrr :s)

Score madness! You can earn up to 3 stars in each level. Mastering these will earn you awesome unlockables!

Simple to learn, hard to master. Accessible to all, but challenging for veterans and completionists.

Many puzzle level challenges to test your game skills!

Cute, cutscene presented story, introducing charming characters.

Game text in English, German and Portuguese.

Project ClearWater

Water Heroes: A Game for Change is associated with the Saving an Angel foundation by the famous Rea Garvey, also known as lead singer of Reamonn and co-founder of the ClearWater project.

Our donations, resulting from our sales revenue, are directed to the project, which provides drinkable water to 2.000 indigenous families in Ecuador.

The foundation is committed to the preservation of over 300 clear water units in the Amazon Rainforest, where 5 indigenous cultures are suffering the consequences of contamination, a result of exploitation by the oil industry.

Project ClearWater is also supported by the Rainforest Foundation and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. |