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Feel the rhythm in you!
A unique game-based music school

Have you ever tried to play drums but found out that reading sheet music wasn't your thing? Now that's over! Experience the revolution in sheet music reading!

You and Oratio will visit Rhythmic Village in the world of music, where you'll discover the crazy and happy folks named "Rhythmiacs". They literally got the beat in their blood!

In this adventure you'll learn the basics of sheet music reading, play percussion instruments and improve your sense of rhythm. Use your device and start right away!

Oratio & Rhythmiac
Rhythmiac Introduction to percussion instruments.

Rhythmiac An amusing story with cute characters.

Fire 70 rhythmic challenges.

Rhythmiac Music notes have voices.

Fire 16 virtual instruments.

Fire Interactive learning system for rhythmic sheet reading.

Rhythmiac A scoring system that encourages self-improvement.

Fire Ready for classroom use.

Rhythmiac Available in English, Portuguese and German.

Rhythmiac Real time sound detection, using your microphone (only for desktop).

Rhythmic Village on several devices
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If you have a license, you can also download for Windows | macOS.

Also available in bundle form

You can find our products in music, book and toy stores. They are also available in a lot of online shops. These stores can offer you different individual bundles and also some special school sets.

Educator's choice
Educator's choice
Microsoft Partners in Learning
May 2012
Educator's choice
Educator's choice
Microsoft Partners in Learning
November 2012
Golden Bee
Golden Bee
Beste Kinder Apps
May 2015
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5 Stars
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May 2015
Kid Playing Rhythmic Village

• Stimulating Creativity
• Fun & Motivation
• Exclusive Background Music
• No Wires Needed
• Beat Detection (Only for desktop version)
• Rhythmic Understanding
• Entertaining Challenges
• Coordination
Tools for music & primary school teachers

Rhythmic Village is part of the Classplash Music series and it's a learning platform suitable for primary school students aged between 6 and 12.

The concept behind this solution was developed by the people who care the most about educational matters - the teachers and the students.

Does it follow the curriculum?

Yes and even primary school teachers without any musical background can effectively make a big contribution in artistic education.

What people say
"The exercises with the cute notes are immediately fun and the first breakthroughs are surprisingly quick"
- Beste Kinder Apps (May 2015)
"Outstanding! I installed it for my kids to play but I ended up addicted! Excellent!"
- João P. (September 2015)
"I love this game. Even my teacher installed it on his PC at school."
- Bruna D. (December 2014)