Our commitment with humanity
Play video games and save lives!
In the series "Classplash for Good" you will be challenged to solve world problems and make a direct contribution to charity!

Besides our vision to provide disadvantaged children access to music education through our close cooperations with social engaged partners, we set ourselves a very honest life mission:

We want to develop video games for charity!

50% of the sales revenue will go directly to social projects where we can make our contribution to humanity. With fun video games, our series "Classplash for Good" intends to raise people's awareness about current world problems.

Kids and adults will be confronted "in-game" with creative challenges and solutions, with the goal to reinforce their sense of social and ecological responsibility.

By purchasing these games you will make a contribution in saving lives!

How we select our charity partners

Before we start a new video game project, we spend a lot of time to identify a committed and socially engaged partner.

Our collaborators must present a transparent project, so that we can establish a unique relationship based on trust and professionalism. The result of those partnerships will be shared on our social networks.

Check out our partners

The game that saves water

Water Heroes - A Game for Change is an "awesometastic" puzzle game that will raise awareness about the scarcity of drinkable water. By playing this video game you will literally support the Indigenous People of the Amazon Rainforest, who are struggling with oil polluted water.

Visit the Water Heroes website

Embracing a real cause
What people say
"The exercises with the cute notes are immediately fun and the first breakthroughs are surprisingly quick"
- Beste Kinder Apps (Rhythmic Village)
"I got this app to use it with my class when teaching recorder. I love it and so do my 3rd, 4th and 5th graders!"
- Mrs Johnson Music (Flute Master)
"Outstanding! I installed it for my kids to play but I ended up addicted! Excellent!"
- João P. (Rhythmic Village)
"I love this game. Even my teacher installed it on his PC at school."
- Bruna D. (Flute Master)
"... if possible, according to my students, the classes could be filled in with this tool only... "
- Barbara Q. (Flute Master)
"... the students acquired the necessary skills and developed the taste for the musical instrument."
- Barbara Q. (Flute Master)
"... I have finished successfully the demo version and I'm extremely suprised... it's very tricky, but It's incredibly funny...it's lovingly developed... awesome!"
- Sandra L. (Water Heroes)
"... My kids really love your games and it's made my job so much easier and more enjoyable, especially at this time of the year when everyone is stressed about testing... Thank you!"
- Allison W. (Classplash Music) USA
"...they really love the app. Some students even stayed after class to play the game again and again!
- Ying-hsiu C. (Rhythmic Village) Taiwan
" I absolutely love your educational games, and so do my students. It is actually very difficult to find quality music programs that are stylish, functional and aligned to curriculum. Your company has such a phenomenal mission, I really respect you guys.
- Laura J. (about Classplash) USA