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Learning how to play recorder was never so much fun!

A unique game-based music school

Is playing recorder always the same? Is it not exciting? Well, that's different with Flute Master! Here you will learn to play soprano recorder while experiencing a great adventure in the world of music. You will learn to perform on a real instrument and gradually improve your musical skills! See the first results in a few minutes.

Your game-controller? The recorder!

You and Oratio, the little pirate, will enter the world of music and help the dragon Cornelius protect his tower of strawberries from the greedy bats. Yes, in this magical world, bats love strawberries!

Cornelius, Oratio & Albert


27 original music tracks composed by a musical education professional.

Real-time detection of the instrument, using your microphone.

An amusing story with cute characters.

Music sheet play along for each track.

Recorder notes associated with colors, for easier recognition.

Interactive learning system for finger positioning.

A scoring system that encourages self-improvement.

Available in English, Portuguese, German, Spanish and French.

Ready for classroom use.

FM on Several Devices
If you have a license, you can also download for Windows | macOS.
You also get a license with some physical products

FM on Several Devices

Bundles with Porto Editora's Play 5 and Play 6 are already available in Portugal!

Other products coming soon!


Educator's choice
Educator's choice
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May 2012
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Educator's choice
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November 2012
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App of the year 2013
April 2014
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APP ME UP - VIP Best App
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5 Stars
5 Stars
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May 2015


Kid Playing Flute Master

• Stimulating Creativity
• Fun & Motivation
• Melodic Understanding
• Control your breath / control the game
• Exclusive Background Music
• Coordination
• Fine Motor Skills
• Note Detection

Tools for music & primary school teachers

Flute Master is part of the Classplash Music series developed for children aged between 6 & 12. You just need a device with a microphone. For a better experience, you can connect a multimedia projector or TV.

Does the content follow the music curriculum?

Yes! And even primary school teachers without a musical background can use it in their classroom. It's the result of a worldwide awarded project, which was developed with the collaboration of over 200 primary school students. Today we are working with a large network of teachers and specialists in the field of music pedagogy.


What people say
"I got this app to use it with my class when teaching recorder. I love it and so do my 3rd, 4th and 5th graders!"
- Mrs. Johnson Music (April 2015)
"I love this game. Even my teacher installed it on his PC at school."
- Bruna D. (December 2014)
"... if possible, according to my students, the classes could be filled in with this tool only... "
- Barbara Q. (December 2014)
"... the students acquired the necessary skills and developed the taste for the musical instrument."
- Barbara Q. (December 2014)