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With Cornelius Composer, teachers and students can easily compose music without complex and difficult-to-use special software. The compositions can be created on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Pupils unfold their musical creativity without hindrance and at the same time are carefully and didactically introduced to the topic of music composition. The colored notation can be conveniently changed at any time and adapted to the most diverse instrument sets.

Compositions can be exported at any time for further processing in other notation software or for printing in PDF format. You can also import existing sheets in MusicXML format.



Import scores (MusicXML).

Export scores (MusicXML and PDF).

If you zoom in, the music notes will be transformed into animated creatures.

Customizable colorful music notes.

Playback using Solf├Ęge-voices (do, re, mi) or instruments.

Sheet editing while reproducing (loop while you edit!).

Available in English, Portuguese and German.


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If you have a license, you can also download for Windows | macOS.


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May 2012
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